Tom Insel, the former head of the federal government’s National Institute of Mental Health during three presidencies, who dissed DSM5 as “not scientifically valid”, who pushed to have funding shifted away from diagnostic-label-based studies, and who wanted to fund research into causes and prevention, has just released a book.  It is called Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health.

The book is available in hardback, kindle, and audio book.  Here are the links to the Amazon and Audible pages for the book (it should be available anywhere else you buy books as well):

We’ll be starting a no-pressure book club channel for Healing on our discord server.  If you are a peer (someone who travels through life with depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, etc., you are welcome to join in that. Just send us an email at  stating that you’re one of us and mentioning the book

Want to know more about Insel or his book before you decide?  The NY Times has published articles about the book and about Tom Insel as a man, a doctor, and a researcher.  If anyone has reached their free article limit on NYT and gets blocked by the paywall, just let me know and I’ll “gift” you the articles.  Here’s one about the

book: and here’s one about the man:

Hoping you’ll join us and looking forward to talking about this book with you!

Joanne Shortell
Team Mood Support Association
DBSA Greater Hartford, Inc., aka the Nomad Chapter